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Hi, my name is Gianluca Padovani!

I'm Co-Founder and CTO of eBinary Srl, a brand new reality in Italian Information Technology market. Yes, we're a newco, but our experience start more than 25 yeas ago growing year after year and project after project.

We're light, flexible and smart but, at the same time we can cover with high level skill all the roles into ITC Development projects.

With a large network of consultants we are able to satisfy all customer requests by organizing and managing scalable teamsworks.

eBinary is an end-to-end application development agency, focusing on designing and engineering customers businesses requrements. We treat every project as if it was our own, from startup ventures to blue chip brands. Here are some of the business and technical areas that see us involved.

  • Insurance Health and Benefits Management System.
  • eCommerce Best Price Calculation Engine.
  • Marketplace Buybox Ranking Rule Engine.
  • Product Information Management Tool.
  • Product Catalogation and Navigation Tree Ruls Engine.
  • Microservice Architecture.

We are a network of highly specialised consultant, which support leading industrial groups in defining and developing business models to optimise and integrate processes, applications and devices, using new technology and communication paradigms, such as Big Data; Cloud Computing; Digital Communication; Mobile and Social Networking.

What We do?

Here are some of our expertise

Analysis & Project Management

Software development is a complex process which requires many different roles and skills to work in unison. Planning and coordination significantly reduce the risk of expensive mistakes, wasted time and money.

Micro Services

We will experience microservices maturing from a trend to the mainstream in 2019. The adoption of microservices will continue to grow and become a must-have strategy for application developers. The stats by IDC reveals that 90% of applications will use microservices architecture to enhance the ability to debug, update, leverage, and design third-party code by 2022.

Big Data and Analytics

With over 50 billion objects set to be networked by 2020 and 900 million people sharing information on social networks, every day, millions of links become billions of events generating trillions of data items. This is the realm of big data, where diversity, volumes, speed of analysis, and value generation for the customer are the qualities that demand new architectures and new usage paradigms.

Web Development

Web development comes with a huge set of rules and techniques every website developer should know about. We're familiar with the latest web technologies that will help to realize smart and flexible, multichannel wesites.

Data driven Strategy

Bring data to the forefront of your business. Build the business case and detailed plan of action and capabilities required to put your data to work.


In recent years, ecommerce has become increasingly central to B2C relationships. Indeed, before 2014 is out, global ecommerce earnings are set to equal those from physical shops. More and more often, businesses are expanding their model with new multichannel strategies to offer consumers different touchpoints – both digital and physical – to use when buying products.


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Hiring Now!!

We're looking for DBA/Developer Microsoft SqlServer, with at least 2 years experience, to be involved with one of our customers in the city of Milan.

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50 Years of Gaming History
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50 Years of Gaming History

From the Arcade boom to the raise of home console and PC Gaming, the gaming industries outspace the rival media. Once Mobile gaming take-off the wave of revenue became and ever-growing tsunami.

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How 5G will transform the IoT landscape!

A breaf look to the rising of new technology and how they will potentialy changhe our "not so far" future.

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IMN The New Europen Marketplace Network
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IMN The New Europen Marketplace Network!

The new european network is now a reality and available in Italy, France, Germany and Romania.

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The Rise and Fall of Social Media Platforms!

Fine animation video on evolution history of Social Media Platform!

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Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill
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Data Storytelling: The Essential Data Science Skill

A structured approach for communicating data insights.

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